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Adjustable 30" Moon Necklace


"The goddess moon shines her light so that we may walk our path to truth, protected and nourished by her luminosity. A glowing 18KT crescent moon--symbol of protection, nourishment, and the goddess--dances delicately from an adjustable necklace, the glimmer of a single star catching the eye and encouraging us to follow our dreams."

  • Moonstone- Intuition, passion, good fortune
  • Star- Guidance, inspiration, dreams
  • Moon - Nourishment, protection, goddess
  • Moon - 12 x 50mm
  • Star - 6.25 x 8mm
  • 2mm Faceted round Moonstone bezel set
  • Adjustable length up to 30"
  • 18 KT Gold Plated Brass
  • Made in India