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Pinch was founded as Pinch Pottery in 1973 by three female potters who considered themselves renegades — they preferred to make pinch pots, didn't know how to throw, and didn't care to! In their spirit, Pinch continues to carry artists' work we find interesting, unconventional, and beautiful. 

Originally a working studio, teaching space, and gallery -- a "pottery" -- in the basement of Thornes Marketplace, Northampton, the business became Pinch in 1987 when it moved to Main Street as shop and gallery.

Supporting the artists we buy from, displaying their work beautifully, and providing heart-felt customer service, is our mission. A core value of ours is respect: for each other, the artists we proudly work with, and everyone who walks through our door.

Thank you so much for your support for our small business and the many others we in turn support.