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Rachael Pots

RachaelPots is a small ceramic company based in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, owned and operated by native New Yorker Rachael Scharf since 2013. After studying ceramics in Italy, Rachael set up her studio to create a small scale production line of beautifully made, highly functional pieces, all created on the potters wheel.

RachaelPots sends meticulously crafted home and kitchen wares out into the world to be used and enjoyed. The RachaelPots Kitchen line includes citrus juicers, berry bowls, garlic scrapers, spoon rests, mugs, bowls, oil cruets and the Salad Dresser.

All RachaelPots ceramics are handmade and thrown on the potters wheel using a mid-range (cone 6) speckled stoneware clay and food safe cone 6 glazes fired in an electric kiln in Rachael's Sunset Park, Brooklyn studio.

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