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Maya Machin

Maya Machin grew up on a homestead in Vermont where the emphasis was on using and making things by hand. For her senior project in high school, Maya began her pottery endeavors at Romulus Craft where she, under the kind and talented eyes of Ikuzi Teraki and Jeanne Bisson, learned to throw with porcelain clay and the wheel spinning counter-clockwise. Her love for ceramics continued to grow and she took several courses at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

In 2003, she began a three year apprenticeship with Mark Shapiro in Worthington, MA where she learned the thousands of skills it takes to run a pottery business, including wood-firing, throwing on a treadle wheel, and soaking up some of Mark's infinite skills and techniques. 

Because all of her pieces are fired in a wood kiln, there is a great deal of variation between pots even if they were glazed identically. That's what we love about wood firing!