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Artist Submissions

Are you a potter, jeweler, metalsmith, craftsperson, or print-maker interested in selling your work at PINCH? We are always on the lookout for new artists!

We carefully curate our collections to ensure that the vision for the shop is harmoniously represented, so we recommend you familiarize yourself with our gallery and the products we carry before submitting.

We consider the following questions during our selection process:

  • Is the work cohesive with our aesthetic vision and the other artists we represent?
  • Is there consistency within the collection? 
  • Will PINCH customers fall in love with the pieces?
  • Can we display the pieces easily and well?

If you are interested in submitting work to PINCH, please email us at hello@pinchgoods.com with images, a PDF, or a link to your website, along with wholesale and retail prices. Include a brief history of your work and process, and any additional information that you feel is relevant to your craft.

We work with artists in either wholesale or consignment capacities, depending on the situation. Regrettably, we are not able to respond to every submission query, but we will definitely be in touch if your work seems like a good fit for the shop!

Please do not hand deliver submissions, call the gallery directly, or bring your work to the shop unless requested. Unsolicited sales pitches distract us from providing excellent customer service and affect our ability to focus our attention on the needs of the shop.