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Folded books by Joyce Rosenfeld

The Beauty of Books: An Evening with Joyce Rosenfeld

Friday, October 13th, 5-8pm
during Northampton's Arts Night Out
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This October, we’re over the moon to be welcoming local artist—and former Pinch employee—Joyce Rosenfeld for a memorable Arts Night Out event!

Three years ago, Joyce had to leave Pinch abruptly for health reasons. Unable to say goodbye to many of her friends in the community, Joyce is thrilled to return to Pinch as a featured artist, with an exhibit of folded books and word-related work.

Those of you who know Joyce know that she cherishes language. All of her art is a tribute to the power of words, and her folded books are sculptures that celebrate the beauty of the book as object. As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, Joyce’s folded books capture and preserve the timelessness of tactile communication and story.

We hope you will join us in sharing in the magic revelry of Joyce’s triumphant return! The evening will include an in-store folding performance, a full display of folded books and word-related work, and hard cider and delicious local snacks.

Have a treasured book you’d love to have folded? Bring it along! During the event, Joyce will be accepting special orders.*  
*To be folded and returned to the store for pick-up; the book must be hardcover and no more than 175 pages.