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Silver & bronze earrings by Rachel Gunnard

An Evening with Rachel Gunnard | Arts Night Out December

Join us
Friday, December 8th,
for Arts Night Out
with Rachel Gunnard!

Greenfield, Massachusetts resident Rachel Gunnard has been making jewelry since 2012. Prior to her career as a jewelry designer, she was a registered architect in Brooklyn, New York. Her sterling silver, brass, 14k gold fill, and bronze pieces are at once subtle and bold, organic and stylized, raw and graceful.

We are thrilled to be hosting Rachel and her beautiful jewelry, including some one-of-a-kind pieces, for our December Arts Night Out event! We hope to see you!

Friday, December 8th
Refreshments will be served!

bronze necklace by Rachel Gunnard

silver necklaces by Rachel Gunnard