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Carol, Cupcakes & Champagne: An Annual Tradition!

Carol, Cupcakes & Champagne: An Annual Tradition!

Join us
for our annual trunk show
with Carol Joannidi
of Little Cat Metals!

Friday, March 9th,
during Arts Night Out
Saturday, March 10th

~RSVP here~

Shop a wide selection of Little Cat Metals jewelry, nibble cupcakes, and sip champagne! Don’t forget to cast a vote for your favorite cupcake and enter to win a $50 Pinch gift certificate.

Carol's lightweight, durable, sterling silver designs designs are hand fabricated with recycled American metal. Her stone setting is done by hand and each bezel is custom made for the unique stone used.

During the event, all Little Cat Metals pieces will be 20% off!

Little Cat Metals silver necklaces
Little Cat Metals silver necklace and earrings