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Peregrine Falcon Wooden Carving


Hand Carved Wooden Peregrine Falcon - One of Aviologie's most popular designs this beautiful bird of prey is a perfect gift for nature lovers. It makes a stunning interior decoration. Entirely hand crafted from carving to painting and finishing with wax polish. Made under fair trade principles using  sustainable softwood  and non toxic paints.

Anna & David of Aviologie create unique birds derived from a meeting between indigenous folk art and western aesthetics. From their home on Vancouver Island, surrounded by the sea, mountains and and abundance of birds, they have much to inspire them and offer designs that bring simple yet refined examples of natures greatest inspiration.

They have been working closely with the same three families of carvers for over 7 years, drawing on the villages centuries old techniques to realize beautiful products.

Using Albesia and Coffee wood, these fast growing timbers come from sustainable farming practices for continued harvest and regrowth.