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Rachel Gunnard

Based in Greenfield, Ma, Rachel Gunnard has been making jewelry since 2012. Previous to her jewelry line, Rachel was a register architect in Brooklyn, New York. Her architectural trainings influence can easily be seen in her jewelry designs.

Her pieces are designed to be subtle, obvious, inconspicuous, organic, constructed, forgotten, and noticed.

Mark Earrings
From $74.00
Lines Earrings
From $48.00
Large Nest Ring
From $68.00
Halo Necklace
From $64.00
Diamond Ring
From $98.00
Corona Earrings
From $38.00
Blade Necklace - Rachel Gunnard - necklace - [PINCH]
Small Anchor Necklace - Rachel Gunnard - necklace - [PINCH]
YES Necklace - Rachel Gunnard - necklace - [PINCH]
Pebble Earrings - Rachel Gunnard - earrings - [PINCH]
Agra Earrings - Rachel Gunnard - earrings - [PINCH]
Blade Earrings - Rachel Gunnard - earrings - [PINCH]
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