Night Heron Farm Tinctures


Night Heron Farm is a husband and wide duo who met during an apprenticeship at a medical herb farm. They believe that growing and producing local medicine is their way of contributing to a more just and sustainable world where healthcare is centered first within ourselves. They hope, though their work, to connect folks more firmly to the magic of plants. 

Comfort: Lemon balm, passionflower/maypop, rose + ashwagandha infused into organic apple cider vinegar + local buckwheat honey with comfrey flower essence.

Awake: Brahmi, gotu kola, + rosemary infused into organic cane alcohol + honey.

Mood Mover: Garden-grown lemon bergamot, anise hyssop, blue vervain + tulsi infused into organic apple cider vinegar, organic cane alcohol + honey. 

Restore: Tulsi (holy basil) + garden-grown wild California rose petals infused into brandy + honey.

Nourish: Stinging nettle leaf + seed, lemon bergamot + burdock infused into apple cider vinegar + honey.