Low 1 Quart Flameware Casserole


Low 1 Quart Flameware Casserole is arriving soon. Pre-order here and we will notify you right away with its expected availability, or click the NOTIFY ME WHEN AVAILABLE button below.

Since 1977, handmade by Terry Silverman at The Pottery Works in Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire, this cookware suits the needs of everyone in the kitchen, from the gourmet chef to the everyday cook.

Flameware is safe to use directly over a gas flame or an electric burner as well as in the oven and even the microwave. 

Like most cookware, you will want to use a cooking medium such as oil, butter, or another liquid. Never use your fameware dry. After food has been removed, quenching hot pans with water will make cleaning a breeze.

Flameware provides an even heating surface and continues to hold heat long after removed from the oven or stovetop.

This casserole dish, like all flameware, dishwasher safe and can be cleaned with metal pads or utensils; they are very durable and almost impossible to scratch.