Laundry Day Modern Smoking Accessories


Laundry Day is a line of design-forward smokeware founded with a mission to change the visual narrative behind cannabis use.  After seeking out personal smoking pieces for years, founder Victoria Ashley, who uses cannabis as a natural sleep aid, came face to face with a notable gap in the industry.

Laundry Day is on a mission to provide more approachable, design-forward products that dispel stigmas, redefine outdated expectations, cater to modern voices and elevate and expand the industry’s status quo. 

Charlotte: Hand-blown, Approx. 4.5" in length / .5 Inches in Diameter / 1.75" bowl depth

Hudson: Hand-blown, Approx. 3.75" diameter  x .75" height

*Based on in store availability, shipping may take 2-3 weeks.