Tezat Earrings


Turkey stands at the meeting place of east and west. Positioned between Europe and Asia has made it a cultural interface for centuries. While powerful empires dominated the country in the past, today it is a melting pot of modern and traditional influences.

This contrast, or “tezat,” of culture and landscape is what makes Turkey such a unique place. The intersecting lines & contrasting shapes present in the Tezat earrings seek to embody this contrast. As the positive shapes speak, so do the negative ones; two voices inhabiting the same space.

  • Oxidized brass & sterling silver
  • Sterling silver ear posts
  • Entire back of earring is sterling silver
  • 2.25” long x ¾” wide

Each piece is handmade to order. Based on in-store availability, production and shipping may take 7-10 days.