Collect Raindrops book by Nikki McClure


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The Seasons Gathered

Through her intricate papercuts, Olympia-based artist Nikki McClure gently instructs us to live a life where our hands matter.

To slow down and savor each moment. To gather, nurture, delight and evolve. 

She takes us on a journey through the year, showing us that each day contains something to celebrate. The first buds of spring, the sand sifting between our toes, the dew collecting on a spider's web, the sparks crackling off a fire. 

This is a brand new edition of Collect Raindrops. It features a ton of new work—64 pages of new images—as well as a new format and layout. It is a must-own for anyone who is a fan of Nikki's work. 

Printed on recycled paper.

Size: 8" x 9.25"