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A Year in the Woods


"From the acclaimed author of In Praise of Paths comes a humorous and modest Walden for modern times. Like many people today, Torbjorn Ekelund dreams of spending more time in nature. But he's so busy with city life that he has no desire to travel far or scale the highest mountain. So, he hatches a plan. Ekelund decides to leave the city after work and camp near a tiny pond in the forest. The next morning, he returns to work as usual. He does this once a month for a full year. What happens over the course of that year is nothing short of transformative. Evoking Henry David Thoreau and the four-season structure of Walden, A Year in the Woods asks if the secret to communing with nature lies in small rituals and reflection. As Ekelund greets the same trees, rocks, streams, and soil each month, he describes his changing relationship to the landscape. He observes minute signs of growth and decay around him. And he shifts his perspective on his role within the forest, and nature itself. The perfect book for readers who want a deeper connection with nature, but are realistic about time and money."

Hardcover, 1.02" H x 7.56" L x 5.28" W, 256 pages