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A Weed is a Flower Candle from Broccoli


A limited edition candle for flower lovers, created as an olfactory accompaniment to A Weed is a Flower: Artful Cannabis Photography. Blooming with intoxicating jasmine, herbaceous terpenes, woody vetiver, and smoke, the fragrance captures the eclectic and expansive sensibility of the floral art featured in the book.

Light it up as you flip through the pages, like smell-o-vision for your reading pleasure, or let the scent transport you to our imaginary garden on its own.

Made with soy, wax, fragrance, beeswax, vybar, and cotton wick. Each candle burns for 40 hours. Created in partnership with Maak Lab in Portland, Oregon. Candle features art by Stephanie Hardy; packaging features art by Stephanie Hardy, Stephanie Gonot, and Samantha Margherita.

Please note: these candles were hand-poured in stages, and there may be some color shifts or gradients in the wax in the top 1/3rd of the candle.