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Bayon Cuff


The designs in Claire's new Bayon Collection were born out of a desire to represent the sacred & spiritual places of Cambodia and the Khmer people. Handcrafted using small brass beads and sterling silver wire, they radiate elegance and thoughtfulness.

Taking inspiration from the many rounded stones forming the beautiful temples in Cambodia, the Bayon Cuff seeks to capture the textures and grandiosity of these religious places.  

Using brass beads & sterling silver wire, each cuff is hand-fabricated by Claire and her small team.The middle beads of each side of the cuff spin, making this piece very satisfying to wear and very comfortable.

  • Oxidized brass & sterling silver
  • Sterling silver cuff band
  • 5.5" cuff size

Each piece is handmade to order. Based on in-store availability, production and shipping may 7-10 days.