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Meet the Artist: Sydney Hale Company

Meet the Artist: Sydney Hale Company

In 2007, Meghan and Chris Cook founded the home frangrance company, Sydney Hale. Their magnificent soy-wax candles are handmade and handpoured in their studio in Purcellville, Virginia. The business is fully family owned and operated.

Sydney Hale Candle Co Coastal Juniper

Sydney Hale Company is "truly small batch," a production style that keeps Meghan and Chris in touch with their craft and allows them to take their time and enjoy the process.

Their high quality candles are a testament to their passion for fragrance, packaging design, and creativity. Even dearer to the company's heart: their ability to donate 10% of all profits to dog rescue!  As the owners of two rescues, Owen and Georgia, Meghan and Chris are inspired every day knowing that their products help fund rescues across the country. (Bonus: follow them on Instagram for super-cute animal photos and videos!)

Here at Pinch, we adore the divine scent each candle offers: From the rustic Eucalyptus + Sage to the elegant Bergamot + Black Tea to the fresh Garden Mint, Sydney Hale candles bring a beguiling whiff of beauty to any space!

Jena discovered the Sydney Hale candle line at her good friend's store, Take Heart, in Austin, TX, and we're sure glad she did! She says: "Living here, I've been able to find not only Austin-based potters and jewelers and artisans, but lines from other parts of the country that aren't at the main wholesale shows, or that I wouldn't have otherwise found in New England." 

Other candle scents include: Smoked Cardamom + Honey, Tobacco + Sandalwood, Elderberry Rose, Sweet Water, Bourbon + Brown Sugar, Fig + Vanilla, Woodsmoke + Amber, Cypress + Cassis, Coastal Juniper, and Grapefruit Hibiscus. 

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